Chapter Notes

Chapter 5: The Ottoman Launch Pad

Istanbul Bazoor

By 1570 there were over 600 coffeehouses in Istanbul.

16th century Turkish coffee stall

Ottoman coffeehouses were luxurious – consciously modelled on the Arabic vision of Paradise.

Ottoman Coffee Culture 16th century

Interior of Turkish Cafe - 18th century

The new coffeehouses that had arrived in the late 16th century were a key part of the new model city that was taking shape.

18th century Ottoma Coffeehouse

Civil and secular society had come of age and needed a place to congregate.

Turkish Coffeehouse 17th century

Turkish Coffeehouse in 17th century

Istanbul 18th Century Coffeehouse

In the 17th Century the Ottoman world was at the pinnacle of its power, symbolized in a sense by its ability to control the lucrative coffee trade.

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