Chapter Notes

1 Delving into Origins
2 Coffee's Garden of Eden
3 The Sufi Connection
4 Egyptian Chrysalis
5 The Ottoman Launch Pad
6 Discovery of Coffee by the East India Company
7 Coffee's Entry into Europe
8 Development of the Western Coffee Culture
9 Sourcing the Bean
10 Coffee is Colonised
11 The Genie Uncorked and Unbottled
12 Coffeehouses in the 18th Century
13 A Tale of Two Countries: Haiti and Ceylon
14 Birth of the Coffee Republic
15 Coffee Comes of Age
16 The Colossus of the North
17 Cafes of the Belle Epoque
18 Coffee and the Temperance Movement
19 The Coffee Zone
20 Instant Buzz
21 Coffee in Crisis
22 Espresso!
23 Rise of the New Coffee Empires
24 Coffee Cultures of the Far East
25 China
26 Virtual coffee, Biodynamics and Artisan cafes