Uneasy Listening tells the story of the epic battle over five listener supported radio stations that rocked the American Left and raised difficult questions about public broadcasting in the United States that have yet to be answered.

"Uneasy Listening is presented as a history, but I believe it is more in the mold of a detective story: Hammett, Holmes, MacDonald, et al.
Lasar has developed a narrative style which, if you are interested in the American broadcasting sub-culture called Pacifica, will knock your socks off."
Lorenzo Milam, author of Sex and Broadcasting: A Handbook on Starting a Radio Station for the Community

Praise For Matthew Lasar's First book on Pacifica Radio

Pacifica Radio outstrips anything that has ever been produced not only about the Pacifica experience, but about American cultural radio,” Lorenzo Milam, author of  Sex and Broadcasting.

“A tremendous book, combining superb scholarship with an intoxicating story of vision, creativity and heroism,” Robert McChesney, author of Our Media, Not Theirs

“Enlightening and entertaining … makes a real contribution to the history of postwar America,” Eric Foner, author of The Story of American Freedom

Lasar has an eye for paradox, irony, and contradiction, but he is first and foremost an able and astute historian, not a satirical novelist, and he does a lot more than air KPFA's dirty laundry. He shows how much the philosophy of the station was shaped in part by the political atmosphere of the Cold War and McCarthyism…” Jonah Raskin, Santa Rose Press Democrat

Matthew Lasar holds a doctorate in United States history. He currently teaches at the University of California,  Santa Cruz.  


Uneasy Listening
Matthew Lasar

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