The Anachronists
John Gerassi

RRP £12


ISBN 1900 355 47 7



by John Gerassi

The year was 1974.  For those who had hoped to change America by chanting “Make Love, Not War,” for those who were beaten, jailed, framed by police but still had faith in the system,  there seemed to be no hope left. The movement felt defeated. Most of its stalwarts had given up. Most but not all. Some wanted to make one more desperate gesture.  A political thriller dealing with issues as politically relevant today as they were back then, The Anachronists posses the difficult question of what it really means to make a revolution.

John Gerassi, once an editor at Time magazine, then at Newsweek, who obtained his PhD at LSE, is a long time civil rights and anti-war militant. He is the author or editor of ten books and scores of articles and pamphlets published on both sides of the Atlantic. He is currently Professor of Political Science at the City University of New York.

"I trust no one more than Gerassi to make me understand America," Jean-Paul Sartre

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